Sunday, 26 August 2012

Makeover: A Little Bit of Bathroom Paint

It's amazing what a little bit of paint can do! My generous brother offered to paint our house for our wedding present, and we were certainly ready for a change.
The whole house was painted in a few weeks, and we opted for muted and classy colours that toned down the original yellow/orange/pink undertones without giving up any eye-catchability (great word!).
Here's the bathroom makeover, with the other rooms to come.


And during:

Painting the tiles was even easier than the painting cupboards – and well worth the effort (don't you agree that the tiles in this room dictate the colour scheme?). Just make sure that your surfaces are clean and your masking tape is accurately applied so you don't have any wayward paint. To finish off, we used a grout pen which is great for filling in the details after painting.

Revitalising our cupboards was another integral part of the makeover. The key here is to remove the doors from the framework before painting (as this will give you better access to all surfaces). You could also install new handles, but we were happy enough with these as is.


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